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    We proudly offer our craft brews made with the freshest ingredients available and all made on premises for your enjoyment.  Our tasting bar offers tasting flights consisting of your pick of four (5 oz) glasses of beer from the many styles on tap when you arrive. We also serve 1/2 pints, pints and pitcher's of beer.
    We serve M & W Old-fashioned rootbeer made in houses non-alcohol, enjoy a true step back in time!
    You can purchase beer to go in our logo 1 Ltr and 2 Ltr standard growlers, our custom 2 Ltr German growlers and your always welcome to bring in your favorite growler to fill. Our line of 22 oz bottles in Aviator Wheat, Newton's Pale Ale, India Pale Ale, Copperline Ale, Steamboat Stout, Hammonds-Porter Vanilla Porter and Watermelon Wheat can be found at the Brewery and stores featuring fine craft brews near you! If you don't see it on the shelf, please ask the store to stock it, we appreciate your support!

      Wholesale:  If you are interested in placing our beer on tap or in 22 oz Bottles please  
      contact us at 607-569-3311.
      Retail keg sales:  Stop in and visit the brewery for terms and conditions or call

       On tap daily at the Brewery and select brews at Restaurants, Bars and Quality Beverage    

                                            Aviator 5.0% abv 
Light bodied , lightly hopped Wheat Beer made with coriander and bitter orange peel. Goes great with a slice of orange!
                                             Hefeweizen 4.5% abv  (OFF TAP)    
Light bodied German style wheat beer (weissbier) made with a typical ratio of 50:50, or even higher, wheat. A yeast that produces a unique phenolic flavors of banana and cloves.
                                                        Newton's  Pale Ale   5.8% abv  (ON TAP)
 Medium bodied highly hopped brew with a crisp dry finish. This beer pairs well with any food and will surely satisfy all of your hoppy desires.
                             2x  11/11  India Pale Ale  7.0% abv (ON TAP)
Medium bodied, hop back then dry hopped! Nice hop aroma with that bitterness you crave!                     
                                              Copperline Ale  5.8% abv  (ON TAP)                       
Medium bodied copper ale that is easy to drink anytime. This smooth brew appeals to many, making it a hit to take to any gathering for all to enjoy!
Ring of Fire  6.0%  abv   (OFF TAP)
Medium bodied Scotch Ale brewed with malts from four different countries. Smoked malt give this beer its unique flavor. 
                                                      FLBC Coco-Nut Brown  6.5%  abv   (ON TAP)
Medium bodied brown ale  brewed with Coco, Almond & Coconut that is lightly hopped and smooth.  
                                                  Nitro Steamboat Stout  5.4% abv     (OFF TAP)         
Medium bodied Stout with hints of Chocolate and a creamy finish. Goes great with any desert and makes a nice Black and Tan!  Poured with nitrogen!   

                                                    Nitro Wassail  8.5% abv   (ON TAP)
                 Full bodied dark and malty with that nitro flavor and creamy finish you enjoy!

2015 Silver Medal for Best Beer in New York  State (TAP-NY Award) 
                                      Hammonds-Porter  5.8% abv  (ON TAP)
Medium bodied ale brewed with plenty of Chocolate Malt and a fair amount of Vanilla beans. Sampled every day until just right. Dark but smooth!                                                                       
            M & W Root Beer 
Old-fashioned style with no alcohol , step back in time!
                                           Seasonal Brews

                         Summer: Watermelon Wheat  5.5% abv  (ON TAP)
Light bodied , lightly hopped Wheat Beer brewed with fresh hand cut watermelon
                         Fall: Indian Summer Ale  5.8% abv   (OFF TAP)
Medium bodied Pumpkin ale with plenty of your favorite fall spices
                          Winter: WHITEOUT Wassail  8.5% abv (OFF TAP)
                       Full bodied dark and malty brewer with cinnamon and nutmeg!

                     Support your local Farm Brewery!
                        Drink New York!       Drink Local!

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